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Indian Iron Ore Scenario

Grade-wise distribution India''s own iron ore requirement will grow three times by 2025 India needs to fast track iron ore mining plans to meet it''sown requirement which could touch 260 Mt by end of the decade. Failing to achieve this will either lead to failure to reach

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DISTRIBUTION OF MINERALS IN INDIA. Iron: There are deposits of high grade iron ore in India. Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka are the states with iron ore deposits. Bauxite: Jharkhand, Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu are the states with bauxite deposits.

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Telangana is the Only State in entire Southern India with vast deposits of Coal. The Black Gold is being mined by M/s.Singareni Collieries Company Ltd, (State Government Company). State is endowed with medium grade Iron Ore deposits in Bayyaram Reserve Forest and Float Iron Ore deposits in Revenue & Patta Lands of Khammam District and low grade ...

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According to Indian Minerals Yearbook 2018 (released in 2019) of GoI, Odisha is the largest producer of iron ore in India. Main producers of iron ore are:- 1. Odisha (50.8%) 2. Chhattisgarh (17.2%) 3. Karnataka (14.3%) 4. Jharkhand (10.8%) 5. Goa ...

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India state wise iron ore production shares natu. iron ore production india 2012 state wise Read this article to learn about the StateWise Distribution of IronOre in India Bihar: Once Bihar was known as ironore capital of India Though presently it has lost its preeminence due to emergence of other states as ironore producer but considering total reserve, quality and strategic location

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With a Net State Domestic Product (NSDP) of over US$ 4.9 billion,Orissa ranks fourteenth among the Indian states on the basis of NSDP s per capita income in 2003 was US$ 230. Orissa is located on India''s east coast.The state is rich in mineral resources such as coal,iron-ore and bauxite and is poised to emerge as the metals,

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MINERAL DEPOSITS/OCCURRENCES Name of Mineral - Iron Ore Iron ore deposits of Chhattisgarh are associated with the rocks that are world over known to contain high-grade ores (Hematite) i.e. Banded Iron Formation. These rocks are forming almost North-South trending narrow, highly dissected and discontinuous hill ranges of about 370 km in length that are extending from Bailadilla to Rajhara in ...

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Exhibit 2.1 Hematite & Magnetite Resources in India: 1980 to 2010 26 Exhibit 2.2 State-Wise Reserves / Resources of Iron Ore April 2010 27 Exhibit 2.3 Sector Wise Production of Iron Ore 28 Exhibit 2.4 India''s Iron Ore Production by Grade 29

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The iron and steel industries are among the most important industries in India. India replaces Japan as second top steel producer in January,2019. As per worldsteel, India''s crude steel production in 2018 was at 106.5 MT, 4.9% increase from 101.5 MT in 2017, means that India has replaced Japan as world second largest steel production country.

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 · The reserves of crude iron ore in the United States were estimated to be approximately three billion metric tons in 2020, which translated to one billion metric tons of iron content. Iron ore and ...

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 · In CY19, iron ore production grew by a whopping 12.9%. Odisha, which is the eighth largest state in India (area-wise), alone took the biggest chunk of India''s iron ore production at 130.04 MnT or 56.29% in CY19 which accounts for more than half of India''s total iron ore production.

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 · Map showing the location of Iron Ore Mines in India. Detail information on Iron Ore mines found in different regions in India.

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In India, the value of mineral production has more than tripled since the sector was ''liberalised'', from about Rs 25,000 crore in 1993-94 to more than Rs 84,000 crore in 2005-06, an astounding growth rate of 10.7%. Production of coal, lignite, natural gas, bauxite, chromite, iron ore …

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 · Top Mineral Producer in India (State-wise) and other countries. In SSC and Railway exams, many questions are asked from Minerals of India. This article provides you the important minerals, their mines, and other important details. In this article, we …

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Iron Ore Distribution: World and India. The iron ore is found in following four types: Magnetite: It is the most important and best kind of iron ore. It contains about 72 percent metallic iron in it. It is black in colour. Hematite: It is also an important source. It contains about 60-70 percent metallic iron in it. It is red and brown in colour.


The total reserves/ resources of lead and zinc ores as on April 2013 were estimated at 709.04 million tonnes. Rajasthan is endowed with the largest resources of lead-zinc ore in India. State wise resource position in India is as follows:-Rajasthan - 629.92 million tonnes (88.84%) Andhra Pradesh - …


India ranks 4th globally in terms of iron ore production. In FY17, production of iron ore stood at 192 million tonnes. India has around 8 per cent of world''s deposit of iron ore. India has become the 3rd largest steel producer in FY17 with the production of finished steel at 83.01 million tonnes.

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 · Types of Iron Ore – Haematite, Magnetite, Limonite & Siderite. Distribution of Iron Ore in India – Iron ore in Orissa, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka & other states. Types of Iron Ore. Haematite, Magnetite, Limonite & …

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 · List of Indian States in Mineral Wealth. India''s major mineral resources include Coal (4th largest reserves in the world), Iron ore, Manganese ore (7th largest reserve in …

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Iron ore from this belt is exported through Marmagao port. In Goa, Bicholim is the main centre of iron ore production. Karnataka is the largest iron ore producing state in India. In Karnataka, the centres of iron ore production are Donimalai in Bellary-Hospet iron belt, Kemmangundi and Kudremukh (stopped production due to environmental issues).

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 · Annual iron ore production volumes in India''s largest producing state are unlikely to be impacted by a shutdown to stop the spread of the coronavirus, a senior mines department official in the ...


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State-Wise Distribution of Iron-Ore in India. Most of the mines here are extension of the Bastar and Durg iron ore fields. Notable among the mines are Pipalgaon, Asola, Lohara etc. All these mines are located within Chandrapura district. Goa: Of late Goa has emerged as one of the leading iron-ore producing states in India.

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 · Iron ore, which is also known as hematite, occurs in abundance in the country. Iron ore reserves account for almost two-third of the entire iron ore reserves in India. Interestingly, India holds a leading position in the list of leading iron ore reserve countries. Moreover, the iron ore reserves are easily accessible and also high grade.

State-wise Mineral Scenario

in the State in the year 2010-11 were coal, iron ore, bauxite, dolomite and limestone which together accounted for about 98.13% of the entire value of mineral production in the State. Chhattisgarh was the sole producer of tin concentrate. The State was the leading producer of coal with a share of 21.30% and that of iron ore was 14.01% in the ...

State-Wise Distribution of Iron-Ore in India

3. Chhattisgarh: Chhattisgarh has about 18 per cent of the total iron ore reserves of India. This state produced about 20 per cent of the total iron ore production of the country in 2002-03. The iron ores are widely distributed, the prominent deposits being those of Bastar and Durg districts.

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(v) Indian iron ore exports at 19.14 MT, increased by 82% on Y-o-Y basis, for CY 2019. In April-December 2019-20, exports of iron ore is 26 million tones, up by 132% over April-December 2018-19. Iron ore exports picked up amid reduced material availability by major iron ore miners from Australia & Brazil and high global prices.

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 · Manganese Ore Distribution in India. India processes second largest reserves in the world after Zimbabwe; 430 million tonnes. India is the world''s fifth largest producer after China, Gabon, South Africa and Australia. Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka are the major manganese ore producing states.


million tonnes, India ranks sixth in the world in terms iron ore resources and is a leading producer and exporter after brazil and Australia. The state wise recoverable reserves are shown in Table 4. Table 4: State wise reserves of hematite and magnetite found in India (in million tonnes). State Recoverable Reserves Total Haematite Magnetite


 · With the depiction of supply tightness in the global market in the upcoming period Indian producers have raised their offers in the market. Domestic prices for Ferro Chrome in India is assessed to be in the range of INR 74,000/MT to INR 75,000/MT. Export prices for CNF South Korea (10-50mm, HC 60%) is 86 cents/lb, for CNF Japan (10-50mm, HC 60% ...

Indian Minerals Yearbook 2015

IRON ORE production. Thus, 29 iron ore mines, each producing more than one million tonnes of iron ore annually, con-tributed about 81% of the total output in 2014-15. Out of 32 captive iron ore mines in the country,12 were in the Public Sector. The production of captive mines in the Public Sector was 23 million tonnes or 38.6%

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Indian Iron Ore Scenario - Metal Bulletin. production of iron ore showing state wise sharing percent 2010 to 2011. Annual Report 2010-2011 – Government of India, Ministry of Steel Net Worth 1320.87 1677.37 2011.19 2078.46 8 Book value per share …of Iron ore and Manganese ore …


V Mineral wise reserves/resources as on 1.4.2010/*2013 51 VI (A) State wise Summary of Mining Lease distribution as on 31.3.2014 55 VI (B) Mineral wise Summary of Mining Lease distribution as on 31.3.2014 56 VII Mineral wise production & Value, 2009-10 to 2013-14 (P) 58 VIII Consumption of Important Minerals, 2011-12 to 2013-14 (P) 59

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 · India is gifted with important mineral resources. The country produces about 89 minerals out of which 52 are non-metallic, 4 are fuel minerals, 11 are metallic, and 22 are minor minerals.

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Distribution to third parties or ... Contents worldsteel''s India state wise steel demand study Aspects of state wise steel use in India Insights on state wise steel demand prospects Summary and conclusion 3. ... iron ore production (major sites) Source: Joint Plant Committee, 2015-16 13.

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 · Figure 3 shows the changes in iron ore royalty levied by the government. It shows that the royalty transitioned to an ad valorem basis in 2009 at 10% of the average sale price. Iron ore royalty also shows an increasing trend over the years. Furthermore, there was an increase in the royalty rate from 10% in 2009 to 15% in 2015.