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#11.1: Philips professional GM3121 Grid dip meter Philips GM 3121 Grid Dip Meter. Note the Type 4662 indicator valve, this is a very old neon indicator which was used as magic eye in some receivers ... (DUBUS VHF UHF Technik Vol.1 1980) UHF-Dipmeter .....DL7QY pg.350-355 VHF-UHF Resonance Meter …


Dip oscillator This is the main part of the instrument (many different configurations are used in practice) is a very basic Colpits RF Oscillator using a VHF/UHF transistor (An MPSH10), although any similar transistor could be used. If another is used you may have to play with the R4 C8 and R3 values to obtain reliable oscillations.

MFJ-201 1.5-250 MHz Dip Meter

Product Description. MFJ-201 1.5-250 MHZ DIP METER. Economical Dip Meter covers 1.5-250 MHz. Back in the vacuum tube days they called these babies grid dip meters and every ham and experimenter either had one or wanted one. The MFJ-201 solid state (hence no "grid") is smaller, lighter, and vastly more versatile than its ancestor.

MFJ MFJ-66C MFJ Dip Meter Adapter Kits | DX Engineering

The very small VHF/UHF-Link coil has a very high self-resonant frequency and is best for coupling to VHF and UHF circuits; up to 230 MHz. These kits also include a spare RCA male connector. These MFJ-66C kits are designed to adapt your Antenna Analyzer to work as a dip meter. Your SWR analyzer contains an internal band-switched oscillator circuit.

El Dip Meter (TEL017S)

Podemos decir que el grid-dip meter sustituye en muchas aplicaciones un frecuencímetro común, principalmente cuando analizamos circuitos en las bandas de VHF y UHF. La principal ventaja en relación al frecuencímetro está en el hecho de que podemos determinar la frecuencia de resonancia de un circuito apagado (bobina en paralelo con ...

Homebrew test equipment for the radio amateur

Grid Dip Meter Build a Test Meter using Cheap 0-1mA meter Crystal Testers Germanium Noise Generator A Small RF/AF Signal Tracer From JF10ZL web page ... VHF signal generator UHF signal-generator Wien bridge oscillator Sine wave audio generator for checking the audio amplifier


#11.1: Philips professional GM3121 Grid dip meter Philips GM 3121 Grid Dip Meter. Note the Type 4662 indicator valve, this is a very old neon indicator which was used as magic eye in some receivers ... (DUBUS VHF UHF Technik Vol.1 1980) UHF-Dipmeter .....DL7QY pg.350-355 VHF-UHF Resonance Meter by DJ2HF and DC0DA pg 355-358 ...

Mark Schoonover

HF/VHF Diplexer. IC7000 HM151 Microphone Audio Mod. SMD Jig - Prototype. V/UHF & Scanner Antennas. Z-match-Upgrade. Videos. Mark Schoonover. Home. Me. HF Mobile. Projects. Videos. More. Grid Dip Meter Coils. In the July 2014 issue of QST, there are plans to build a set of Grid Dip Oscillator or GDO coils that''s titled "Homebrew Dip Coils ...


Questo Grid-Dip Meter, ma sarebbe meglio definirlo Gate-Dip Meter, era nato per le UHF, e quindi iniziai con la bobina per le frequenze piú alte. Con questo esemplare sono riuscito a raggiungere 500 MHz: la bobina è in effetti un condensatore a pasticca da 18 pF saldato sui reofori della presa volante GBC GE/0652-00. Questa sigla è quell

Revisiting An Old Grid-Dip Meter

 · Nowadays, calibrating the grid dip meter would be done a different way… just listen for the oscillator signal on your receiver to determine its frequency. But the usefulness of a dip meter has not changed. It will tell you the resonant frequency of an L-C circuit and, if the L value is known, it will tell you what the C value is (or vice ...

Grid Dip Meter

Grid dip metery - MFJ. Grid dip meter to urządzenie pomiarowe służące do badania układów elektronicznych w szerokim zakresie częstotliwości. Jest pewnym rodzajem falomierza generatora. Oferujemy Grid dip meter typ MFJ-201 wraz z wymiennymi cewkami. Sortuj.

Dip Meter (TEL065E)

 · We can say the grid-dip meter replaces in many applications a common frequency meter, especially when analyzing circuits in the bands of VHF and UHF. The main advantage comparing with the frequency meter is that we can determine the resonance frequency of a switched circuit (parallel coil with capacitor).

A Grid Dip Oscillator

A Grid Dip Oscillator constructed in 1984 based on a balanced push-pull FET oscillator based on a design first published by the RSGB in the RSGB VHF/UHF Manual. This Grid Dip Oscillator is biult directly into an old die case box. The coils which consist of nothing more than assorted hairpin inductors are mounted on banana plugs or for the UHF ...


 · DIP METER PARA HF Y VHF. Joan Borniquel Ignacio, EA3-EIS, 31-03-01. Sant Cugat del Vallés (Barcelona) ea3eis_hotmail INTRODUCCION. El Dip Meter o medidor de mínimo que es como se le llama en la actualidad, tiene su origen en la época de las válvulas termoelectrónicas, se le conocía como "grid dip meter" o medidor por mínimo de reja.

Chiacchierata sul Grid-dip-meter

(Grid-Dip-Meter) Chiacchierata sul Grid-dip-meter ... contro un circuito ottimizzato per VHF o UHF non sara'' l''ideale per le frequenze piu'' basse. Una volta che ci si e'' fatta una idea anche approssimativa della copertura da ottenere arriva il bello: cercare il condensatore.

Grundlagen klassischer Dipmeter

entschieden haben, für VHF und UHF Anwendungen separate VFO zu entwickeln, die anstelle der Steckspulen auf den Dipper gesteckt werden können. Die Diode D3 dient zur automatischen Vorspannungserzeugung für T1, sie arbeitet gleichzeitig noch als AM-Demodulator. Das R/C Glied R2 - C2 bildet einen NF-Tiefpass mit einer Grenzfrequenz von etwa 4 KHz.


10 the 2-meter and 1-1/4-meter amplifiers, Using a standard design for VHF/ UHF amplifiers, a sing e power supply can be switched from one amplifier to another. Remate operation with a separate metering unit at the operating position or built into the power supply is another adaptation, useful particu arly at …

Grid Dip Meter

+ antenne vhf-uhf + antenne satelliti + antenne pmr-lpd + antenne per i 6m 50mhz + antenne per i 4m 70mhz + antenne cb 11m + antenne hf per i 60m 5mhz + antenne hf-mf + antenne lf-vlf + antenne ulf-slf-elf + rx + yagi pagine progetti + antenne air freq. antenne emergenza; antenne scanner - sdr rtl; jungla antenna; radiali; tabelle varie antenne ...

Ham Nation 149: How to Use Your Grid Dip Meter

 · Grid Dip Meters and audio mixers explained!

UHF "grid" dip meter

 · MHz. Most dip meters are lower - 200 MHz or less. In an older ARRL Handbook, I found a grid dip meter using a Nuvistor - 6CW4 -. circuit good to several hundred MHz. It''s interesting that it''s hard to. beat a vacuum tube for low input capacitance. The 6CW4 boasts a fraction of. a pf for grid …

Dip Meter: Grid Dip Oscillator GDO » Electronics Notes

The dip meter often called a grid dip oscillator or GDO is a simple but effective test instrument that can give an indication of many RF parameters of circuits and components. The name grid dip oscillator came from the when these test instruments used vacuum tubes or thermionic valves, but today, with semiconductors being the most widely used ...


 · Re: GRID DIP OSCILLATOR by Harry Lythall - SM0VPO question. by Admin Tue Dec 19, 2017 3:54 pm. I use a frequency counter based on a 16F628 with a BC547 preamplifier. I always use a 1-2 turn loop since they are two separate units. By the way, I have activated your account zsolt and you have all the permissions.

Grid Dip Oscillators

Grid-Dip Meter Model 23-120 T ransistorized dip meter with a 0.5 to 150 MHz range, using 6 plug-in coils. Identical to the THORO-TEST GDM-3 .

VHF Dip Meter circuit | ElecCircuit

 · VHF Dip Meter circuit. This is a simple VHF dip meter circuit.The DIP meter is the frequency meter by use the LC resonance circuit that adjustable until the frequency show peak amplitude. The circuit include variable frequency generator circuit, rectifier and a moving coil meter. In the oscillator include two transistors T1 and T2.


GRID DIP OSCILLATOR by SM0VPO GRID DIP OSCILLATOR by Harry Lythall - SM0VPO ... The meter is a cheap 100uA unit robbed out of an old stereo radio. The tuning capacitor is also robbed out of the same radio. The radio had VHF FM and MW AM, so the tuning capacitor had 4 capacitors, 2 x 270pf (C2a + C2b) and 2 x 20pf (C2c + C2d). ...

A Real Grid Dip Meter

A ''Grid Dip Meter'' or "Oscillator'' (GDO) is a relatively simple piece of test equipment consisting of. a tunable oscillator with an exposed plug-in coil for covering a wide range of frequencies. It has a. sensitive meter to measure grid current as an indication of the strength of the oscillations. Any.

Homebrew RF Circuit Design Ideas

· VHF Class-E Power Amplifier · 2 MHz - 50 MHz 1kW MOSFET PAs · 30 MHz 300W MOSFET Power Amplifier · VHF 150W MOSFET Power Amplifier · VHF-UHF Broadband 100W Power Amplifier · VHF 80W FM Power Amplifier · HF 10W Power Amplifier - KD1JV

Antenna Analyzer Accessories

 · MFJ Dip Meter Adapter Kits consist of coupling coils and connectors for your antenna analyzer. These kits are designed to adapt an antenna analyzer to work as an RF dip meter. Adding one of these kits to your antenna analyzer will allow you to: * Find the resonant frequency of a tuned circuit * Measure coefficient of coupling two resonant circuits * Measure coefficient of coupling loosely ...


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Introduction: Thank you for purchasing the MFJ-66C Dip-Meter Adapter kit. This coil-set converts your handheld Antenna Analyzer into a sensitive resonance detector covering 1.8 to 230 MHz. GDO History: The tube-style grid-dip oscillator (GDO) of yesterday used a L/C- tuned oscillator and came with a set of plug-in tank coils that install on top of the

Grid Dip Meters

 · OF COURSE the grid dip meter is a valuable tool. I wouldn''t be without one. There is a certain technique involved and a bit of knowledge. 1. The dip is sharpest and deepest if the circuit is unloaded by any resistive components. In this sense, a low Q ferrite can act as a parallel resistor and may completely obscure the dip. 2. Tune slowly. 3.


The meter is a cheap 100uA unit robbed out of an old stereo radio. The tuning capacitor is also robbed out of the same radio. The radio had VHF FM and MW AM, so the tuning capacitor had 4 capacitors, 2 x 270pf (C2a + C2b) and 2 x 20pf (C2c + C2d). All four capacitors are used in this circuit.

Grid Dip Meters

 · If you need a portable grid. dipper (to check antennas up on the tower for example) then you want a. solid state battery operated unit (which sure beats 100 feet of. extension cord dragging behind you when you climb the tower!). Not all fets function well into the vhf range. If you want to build a.

Grid Dip Meter

Grid Dip Meter – Measurements Corp – Model 59 Measurements Corporation Model 59 "Megacycle Meter" is arguably one of the best grid dip meters ever made. Its large meter, separate head, quality of components, and regulated power supply are part of why this is a preferred grid dip meter. The model 59 was a grid … Grid Dip Meter – Measurements Corp – Model 59 Read More »

DIP meter

 · This short video is a preview of my DIP meter prototype, which hasn`t yet been inserted to encloser More info

grid dip meter | eBay

Boonton Megacycle Meter Model 59 w/Grid Dip Meter Tube Type Made In The USA. Pre-Owned. C $99.59. Top Rated Seller. Top Rated Seller. or Best Offer. From United States. +C $55.98 shipping estimate. S p o n s o r e d.