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Gould Engineering Bazooka Dredge

The Gould-Bazooka, is a brand new concept in dredging for Gold. The older method for dredging uses a trough with a riffle system and a carpet type material to catch and hold the Gold. The new Gould-Bazooka uses a new technology that is lighter in weight and has a much greater efficiency in the heavy metal Gold recovery.

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MINING CLAIMS. A mining claim is a parcel of land for which the claimant has asserted a right of possession and the right to develop and extract a discovered, valuable, mineral deposit. This right does not include exclusive surface rights (see Public Law 84-167). There are three basic types of minerals on federally-administered lands: locatable ...

Home made gold trap sluice like a bazooka

Home made gold trap sluice like a bazooka. Video by . acg870. on . · I was bored these last couple days due to the rain and my prospector hasent come in yet after 2 weeks. So I made this contraption. ... Hand Dredge: A hand dredge, also called a gold sucker, is basically a pump that will allow you to suck up material. They allow you to ...

Grizzly Gold Trap Sluice

Grizzly Gold Trap sluices are the next generation of fluid bed sluices. Used by prospectors to capture gold from nuggets to fine gold in streams and rivers. Grizzly Gold Trap is a self-classifying sluice and maximizes gold recovery better than any sluice on the market.

Gould Bazooka Frequently Asked Questions

The Gould-Bazooka is better than a conventional dredge. With respect to physical size, efficiency, Gold recovery, especially fine Gold recovery, non-clog design, and mobility. Does the Gould-Bazooka cost the same as other dredges? The Gould-Bazooka and its support system cost less than half the price of …

Bazooka Gold dredge Plumas County, CA gold prospecting ...

 · Had some problems setting up the Bazooka type gold dredge, got it working good though in next video clips!

Gould Engineering Bazooka Dredge

A 5.0-ft. length of Dredge Hose is connected between the Suction Nozzle and the Gould-Bazooka. Longer lengths of up to 30 ft. may be used but efficiency is reduced by friction of the hose. This is true in all dredges and when you have to suck rock and sand to the surface, where the dredge is located; the speed at which the material travels is ...

The Gold Dredge

The Surface Dredge. As the heading ofthis section implies, surface dredge floats on the surface of the water. The material is pumped to the surface through a suction hose into an efficient sluice box that is capable of recovering extremely fine particles of fine gold. The sluice box can either rest on the bank, or float on the surface of the water.

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 · I need to know if Regie Gould is still in business, sold the bazooka dredge. I''m not sure but his website is still on the internet and it has contact info at the bottom of the page at the following link

Gravity dredge for gold "Taiwan Bazooka"

 · This 4" gravity dredge system is powered by a 5" hose. Riffles activities can be visualized by the windows on the top of "Taiwan Gold Bazooka Box".

Sluice boxes

I bought the A52, 36" prospector Bazooka, and the Gold Hog Hog Pan. That way I am ready for nearly any situation. The A52 for creeks with a good flow, the Bazooka for rivers or deep creeks with a very good flow, and the Hog Pan for puddles (no flow) or bring my own tub of water.

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The Schmidt Gold Trap (nicknamed the BAZOOKA) is a new and different type of dredge that looks interesting. It is shaped like a bazooka and does not use a sluice box and riffle tray. It is also lighter than a conventional dredge. Dredges will process the most material of all methods but need lots of running water so find less use in desert areas.

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The Gould-Bazooka Dredge by Gould Eng. (1 reply) Dredging with the Gould-Bazooka dredge (0 replies) Theft of Eggers Lapidary - Golden Colorado (4 replies) I''ll show you mine if you show me yours (31 replies) I Want This Thang! (4 replies) Processing serious flour size gold (11 replies) Building a sluice box. (2 replies) My first dredge (11 replies)

Bazooka Gold Trap/ New sluice box

 · May 19, 2010 #4. 2010-05-19T23:54. The "dredge" part of the highbanker is illegal, the highbanker is legal if you follow the rules. There have been many discussions here regarding those rules, you can find them with a bit of reading. We all see people using …

Alaska Placer Gold Claims For Sale

Alaska Placer Gold Mine. 7 days ago . 23 people watched. The area is rich in gold mining history, beginning in 1910. Anvil Creek claims consist of 21 Total Placer Claims - 10 Federal and 11 State claims (580 Acres) Anvil Creek is around 2 1/2 miles long. 5,000 lineal feet of creek channel left to be placer mined, along with 2 other known paystreaks - Innoko Flats and Anvil Benches on the claims.

Gould Engineering 5 inch Submersible Gold Dredge

The Gould Bazooka 5 inch gold dredge can move more material per unit of time than a 5-inch floating dredges because the creek bed material does not have to move vertically: it only has to move horizontally. Thus the gold-bearing materials enters and very quickly moves from the nozzle through the dredge hose before encountering the (patent ...


1.7.2 August 2, 1917. La Grange Gold Dredging Co. transferred under a Quit Claim Deed a penstock site to Yosemite Power Co. Recorded Stanislaus County. October ''5, 1917. Deeds. Vol. 250, p. 631. 1.8 September 26, 1917. Deed from the Yosemite Power Company to Sierra and San Francisco Power Company transferring 66 cfs water right.

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Viking Dredge. Tony Beets "The Viking" ''s own boat ( Beets Dredge #1 ), part of the Viking Fleet, is a 350t 75-year old floating industrial bucket dredge, built in 1939. Tony bought it in season 5 when it was on Clear Creek at the Clear Creek Claim. Prior to his $1million purchase, the dredge had not run for 30 …


Bazooka Gold Dredge. gold dredge A gold dredge is a placer mining machine that extracts gold from sand, gravel and dirt using water and mechanical methods. bazooka a portable rocket launcher used by infantrymen as an antitank weapon; A short-range tubular rocket launcher used against tanks;


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Bazooka Gold Company Review: Non performance ...

 · Bazooka Gold Contacts (added by the user) 1780 shady creek ln, Placerville, CA, United States. Online Shopping. View full information. Related Businesses. OffGamers Global. Adam & Eve. CouponCabin. ZestAds. Groupon . IN THE NEWS. Unhappy consumers gather online at Complaintsboard and have already logged thousands of complaints.


 · A. Facts. Alaska Gold Company owned a considerable amount of property near Fairbanks in the early 1980s. In 1982 John Reeves purchased a lot from Alaska Gold — MS-851 — that contained an old gold dredge, which he turned into a tourist attraction. The parties refer to this property as "Gold Dredge 8.". MS-851 was located southwest of MS ...

the size of the riffles in gold dredges

DoradoVista Gold Dredge Use and Dredge Size Selection Guide. Interestingly, some states (e.g. California) consider the dredge size to be the ... It is important to set up your gold dredge so that the riffles fill properly for the rate... Read more. Steve''s Guide to Suction Gold Dredges - DetectorProspector .

Bazooka Type Highbanker / Dredge

Hopefully, this is some useful info on trap type highbankers/sluices and dredges. Check out this great forum:

Sniping with the Bazooka Gold Trap Gold Sluice | Cork''s ...

 · In the Mini and Super Mini Bazooka Gold Trap, the offering is regular grizzlies. In the Prospector line of Bazooka Gold Traps you have the option of the regular or big grizzlies. The spacing between the grizzlies is 5/16-inch and 3/8-inch respectively. .The only option for the Miner line of Bazooka Gold Traps is the big grizzlies.

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2 Replies and 3589 Views Corn House Creek, Alabama Claim 3589 2 Started by eawebb I have two questions about the corn house creek claim in Alabama. 1. Why is dredging not permitted as dredging is legal in Alabama 2. I have a 4 x 4 truck and want to pull an 18ft bumper pull camper trailer with a generator to the claim with me and spend 3 or 4 days doing some hard prospecting to try this site ...

Gold DREDGES for Sale

Have a question about gold dredging or which suction dredge might be right for you? Call Gold Fever TOLL FREE: 1-888-985-MINE (6463) We have everything from lightweight portable 2" inch back pack dredges, highbanker/dredge combos and power sluices to commercial gold dredges. Scroll down and select any model below to review our most popular dredges.

Is Bazooka dead? Sluice suggestions?

 · Just shovel directly onto the sluice. The fluid bed chamber creates a low pressure area, where gold will drop to the bottom. Everyone I know, including myself has been happy with their Bazooka, and even happier with the Grizzly gold trap. I was at the Tucson gold show and there was a booth with the Swedish bazooka.

Desert Gold Diggers

The Schmidt Gold Trap (nicknamed the BAZOOKA) is a new and different type of dredge that looks interesting. It is shaped like a bazooka and does not use a sluice box and riffle tray. It is also lighter than a conventional dredge. See The GoldTrap & Schmidt Enterprises'' Bazooka for more information.

Gold Bazooka

 · Schau mal Highbanker, man kann und darf bei diesem Teil, einer Art Unterwasserdredge nicht abstreiten, dass zunächst einmal alles Flittergold, dass ja gut und gerne mancherorts 95% aller Placer-Vorkommen ausmachen, einfach durchgesaugt wird, sonst nichts Aber glaube bitte nicht, dass davon nur ein Krümel < 0.5 mm liegen bleibt. Alles gröbere Gold Partikelgrösse über > 0.5 mm macht …

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Here a bazooka is shown at work. Between the two prospectors is the dredge''s outlet pipe. A bazooka is completely different from a conventional dredge as there is no standard sluice box. This is a 4" and you can tell from the picture the size is completely different from a conventional dredge. Not shown is a 5 hp motor and pump assembly.

Gould Engineering Bazooka Dredge

Gold and overburden was placed into a hopper at the top of the assembly and far left of the dredge. When the material was poured in to the hopper, the gold and black sand could be seen dropping into the slots into the recovery unit, where the lighter material would be swept through into a bucket.

Best mini-sleuce?

 · I have an Angus Mackirk and a Bazooka sniper. I by far like the Bazooka best. Very easy to set up and use, catches fine gold great, cleans up super fast and easy. I''ve owned an A52, the easy sluice, An angus mackirk, and I like the Bazooka best of all. It is a very forgiving sluice and a joy to work with since you don''t have to classify.


Bazooka!!! is the debut album by The Star Spangles. It was released on 10 December 2003. Clear Creek, Colorado. Jim Elkin works a bazooka dredge on Clear Creek west of Golden, Colorado. He found a decent amount of gold even though this stretch is heavily worked. Gold Dredge – 12211. Gold Dredge in Chicken Alaska.