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 · Auger mining recovers around one-third of the coal under the highwall, for whatever depth of penetration is achieved. Auger cutting heads can be as large as 7 feet in diameter and may be drilled to a depth of more than 300 feet. An auger mining machine is shown here. Figure 7.3.13: Auger Mining Machine. Source: Newcastle Herald. (link is external)

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 · Superior Highwall Miners, Inc. (Beckley, WV) This application is a divisional of U.S. application Ser. No. 08/744,431, now U.S. Pat. No. 5,938,289, filed Nov. 8, 1996. 1. A high wall mining machine launch vehicle for pushing a train of conveyor belt units headed by a cutter, said launch vehicle including means for introducing a new belt ...

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 · The HW300 Highwall Mining System is a safer choice for miners. It sends no one underground at all as this machine works on the top of the ground. It''s almost like a ship as it comes up with huge body parts and an exclusive mechanism to cut through rock easily.

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Highwall stability is essential for open-cut mining these particular projects, otherwise known as open-pit mining, employs a technique in which rock and minerals are extracted from a borrow pit, or sandbox.For long-term highwall performance, the substance properties that makeup mining sites—or more specifically, the rocks and minerals found within the borrow—should be carefully examined ...

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® wheel loaders are some of the most productive machines in your operation — working wherever you want, whenever you want them. Built for efficiency, they give you the mobility and flexibility you need to optimize your loading and hauling operation and lower your overall costs. You count on them to boost your productivity — and your profitability.

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ADDCARSYSTEMS ® No. 1 HWM Drive Ashland, KY USA 41102 P. +1 606 928 6002 F. +1 606 928 7257 E. Email ADDCAR HighWall Mining ® 91 York Street, Teralba, NSW, Australia 2284 P. +61 2 4941 7500 F. +61 2 4941 7590 E. Email

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 · Highwall miners of this type can advance much further into the highwall than augers, and machines are available that can mine in as far as 1,600 ft, …

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Commonwealth Mining LLC is a Highwall Mining Services Co. that has Operated Highwall Miners in Ohio, West ia, Kentucky, Alabama and ia. We have provided consulting for Highwall Mining Operations in Australia and India as well as currently providing consulting services to Highwall Mining Companies throughout the United States.


Highwall Mining System 47 Great opportunity to improve cost structure. The miner is equipped with a one-year old low seam cutter module, 50 Type IV push beams, hose reel was rebuilt less than a year ago with all new chain, cable and hoses.

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Highwall Miner Products. The Cincinnati Mine Machinery Company has worked with all of the innovators of this mining technology. In developing cutter drive chains, sprockets and belly conveyor chains we can help you gain productivity. We have several …

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Mining Equipment. Highwall Miners; Hydraulic Mining Shovels; Large Dozers; Large Wheel Dozers; Large Wheel Loaders; Mining Trucks; Drills; Draglines; Crushing/Screening; Power Systems; Trail King Trailers; Light Towers; Work Tool Attachments; Rentals. Heavy Equipment Rental; Power Systems Rental; Heavy Equipment Technology Rental; Fully ...

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ADDCAR Systems LLC is an international highwall mining (HWM) specialist based in Ashland Kentucky, USA with over 25 years experience operating HWM systems in the coalfields of Australia, USA, South Africa and India. ADDCAR highwall mining systems have produced in excess of 100Mt of coal and is the leader in maximising resource recovery and cost ...

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Highwall mining also requires a relatively small crew of three or four people. Operation. Highwall miners extract coal from exposed seams by driving a cutter module into a coal seam under a highwall. The highwall mining machine is positioned on the pit floor or on a bench beside the highwall …

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 · Linking underground and surface mining operations, the ® Highwall Mining System is a testament to versatile mining equipment. The HW300 offers a safe ...

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Forest Machines. Hydraulic Mining Shovels. Material Handlers. Motor Graders. Off-Highway Trucks. Pipelayers. Road Reclaimers. Skid Steer and Compact Track Loaders. Telehandlers.

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 · The highwall mining system is a strong, self-propelled machine that operates on contour benches as narrow as 18 m (59 ft). It trams easily from entry to entry and discharges coal in tight spaces. An optional right-angle conveyor system discharges coal …

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Professional Highwall. located in Beckley, WV is your one stop WorldWide Highwall Mining Experts! Over the last 2 years we have successfully brokered 4 used Highwall Miners. With less than 100 machines built my staff knows where every machine is located.

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ADDCAR has worked closely with the major OEMs and both parties are familiar with the modifications that must be made on a standard continuous miner to adapt it for highwall mining. The core design of the machine as well as the regulatory permissibility …

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ANALYSIS AND DESIGN OF HIGHWALL MINING WEB AND BARRIER PILLARS Prior work by Zipf (10, 11) derived simple design equations for web and barrier pillars. The stability factor for a web pillar is Table 1 - Estimated Auger and Highwall Mining Production for 2003 Machine Approximate number in operation Productivity (raw tons per year) Production

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Other articles where Highwall mining is discussed: coal mining: Auger mining: Highwall mining is an adaptation of auger mining. Instead of an auger hole, an entry into the coal seam is made by a continuous miner, remotely operated from a cabin at the surface. The cut coal is transported by conveyors behind the miner to the…

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ply a new Jeffrey model 102HP mining machine to be extensively modified by the Bureau for teleoperation. Later, it was agreed to use the Bureau''s multiple-unit continuous haulage (MUCH) system as part of this new teleoperated highwall mining system (THMS). Highwall mining involves the recovery of coal reserves

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Mega Highwall Mining LLC. (Mega) was founded in 2015. We operate both ADDCAR and Superior/ highwall mining systems. Mega recruits the best operators from around the industry. We are dedicated to producing results safely. We take great pride in our machines and maintain industry leading availability.

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Models. Because mining conditions and coal seam heights vary, three models of highwall mining systems are offered. The AHS1, the AHS2 and the AHS3 to address low, medium and high seam mining environments, respectively. The three models AHS offers are completely interchangeable into the miner mainframe module, eliminating the need for purchasing ...

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May 12, 2013 - Discover all the information about the product Mining machine / highwall mining HW300 - Global Mining and find where you can buy it. …


The AHS mining system is designed to increase your highwall mining productivity while reducing your operating costs and provide user friendly innovations suited for today''s mining environment. We have developed truly unique characteristics - exclusive to the AHS models - that provide legitimate advantages over other machines.

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 · In its basic application, highwall mining is a technique utilized after the open cut portion of a reserve has been mined, sometimes prior to the introduction of underground mining (Seib 1993 ). In these mining systems, a continuous miner or an auger machine is …

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 · High Wall Safety In Surface Mining – How can you stay safe? A thorough work place exam every day, at every task is an absolute necessity. Not only is a workplace exam required by law, it also gives you an opportunity to see any changing conditions of the high wall.

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® takes highwall mining to the next level. The HW300 — available only at Cleveland Brothers — is a mine machine for the 21st century. Built to deliver the most value for your budget, the HW300 combines rugged performance in a variety of mining environments …

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Surface mining, including strip mining, open-pit mining and mountaintop removal mining, is a broad category of mining in which soil and rock overlying the mineral deposit (the overburden) are removed, in contrast to underground mining, in which the overlying rock is left in place, and the mineral is removed through shafts or tunnels.. Surface mining began in the mid-16th century [dubious ...

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Big Mining Hydraulics Need A Tough Linear Position Sensor. Our end client is the the Addcar Company of Kentucky USA who designed and manufactures the Addcar Highwall mining system. The specifications of the hydraulic cylinders used on this intricate machine, are impressive to say the least. STROKE LENGTH: 19.8 feet (5.8 meters)

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 · Professional Highwall Mining Services, LLC is proud to be representing one of the cleanest Highwall Mining Systems on the market. The miner is equipped with a one-year old low seam cutter module, 50 Type IV push beams, hose reel was rebuilt less than a year ago with all new chain, cable and hoses.